Can BV Delay My Period? - The Relationship Between BV and Menstruation

Can BV Delay a Woman’s Period?

image of bv sufferer with period cramps

Can BV delay a woman’s period? The menstrual cycle of a woman causes significant hormonal changes in the body as her period approaches which can potentially make the woman’s body more susceptible to BV (bacterial vaginosis) infections. This is especially true if the woman has recurring BV infections. However, most women with mild to moderate cases of BV, do not experience a delay in their period due to their BV. In fact, it is more common to have a BV infection develop after menstruation because the blood causes the pH to temporarily change in the vagina, making it a more hospitable environment for the harmful bacteria that cause BV. Women who are experiencing a more severe BV infection may experience a delay in their period.

Many women who suffer from recurring BV (bacterial vaginosis) infections tend to have a higher frequency of irregular periods and skipped periods. In these cases, this irregularity can make it appear that their BV infection is causing a delay in the start of their period even when the BV infection is not directly responsible for the delay. Be sure to keep this in mind when you talk with your doctor and/or try to self cure at home.

The microflora of a woman’s vagina changes over the course of a month. ¬†Each woman is unique in this regard and you may need to keep a diary for a few months to figure out if your BV issues are occurring at certain times of the month. If you start to notice that there is a particular time of the month that you develop BV infections more frequently, it would be a good idea to take extra probiotics during that time. For example, some women experience BV before every period. If this is the case for you, you may also want to avoid taking baths during that time and make sure to wear cotton underwear or another form of underwear that is breathable.

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