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Yogurt For BV Treatment


Yogurt for BV treatment is one of the best known natural remedies for this affliction that affects at least 30% of the American female population at some point in their lives, and as much as 50% of the American female population according to some estimates. BV estimates in other countries are similarly high. Given these BV stats, it appears that BV is so common that every woman should have at least a basic knowledge of what to do to prevent BV and to cure an active BV infection to be ready should they get one.

Yogurt can be used in two ways for BV treatment. It can be used internally to treat an active infection and it can be eaten on a regular basis to help the body maintain a resistance to BV.

How To Use Yogurt Internally To Treat BV

At the very first signs of a BV infection, try this technique to nip the infection in the bud so it doesn’t develop into a full blown infection that may leave you begging for antibiotics even if you know the consequences of taking them. Very liberally coat the end of a tampon with yogurt and insert this into your vagina as you would normally do during your period. If you are currently on your period, you may want to wait a day or two until your flow isn’t as heavy. Leave the yogurt and the tampon in overnight. If you lie down immediately after sticking the yogurt covered tampon in, you’ll have more chance to keep the yogurt inside you longer, i.e. it will be more effective.

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Selecting the best yogurt for BV is the number one key factor in how well this technique works. At minimum, you should make sure that you use only plain yogurt with nothing else added, especially sugar. Sugar will exacerbate your BV problem so be absolutely sure the yogurt does not contain sugar. The best yogurt for BV is made from raw milk because raw milk yogurt has more diversity of probiotics than most big brands of yogurt. If you can’t find raw milk yogurt, the next best option is to find a locally produced yogurt that has more probiotic species than does the big commercial brands of yogurt.

How To Eat Yogurt To Treat BV

This will work best if you eat a little yogurt every day, or at least almost every day. In fact, eating a small four ounce serving of yogurt each day will help more than a really big yogurt serving a couple times a week. The goal is to keep a fresh supply of probiotics going into your system at all times, not to add a megadose and then forget about it.

Along with your yogurt for BV treatment, remember to drink plenty of non-caffeinated water, especially during the summertime, and try to lay off sugar! Good luck.

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